With horses and dogs and people I try and keep two pounds of Echinacea for antibacterial and Mullein for a decongestant. When it is cold like right now and not going to let up any time soon I jump right on anything that causes distress in my outside animals. These herbs are about $8.00 per pound plus shipping.

For a chicken, I don't know; but I use a fourth of a spoonfull on dogs and I would cut that down to an eighth or so for a chicken. A horse is a spoonfull and if I don't see immediate improvement I double it.

I too got tired of running to the Vet. Put your question to Google like this "herb cold" and be ready to look at 25 answers or more to get the results you want. Some will be people selling and others will be telling you the herbs to look at.

I am very happy to see you looking for a better way. In the 1800's a Dr. was in Africa dying and had given up hope for a very terrible disease. A poor man walking by looked at him and grabbed some grass near his cot and cooked it up and fed it to him for a week. He recovered and marveled at what had cured him. Brazilian seaweed has cured HIV. Hydrogen Peroxide mist was the winner in disinfecting hospitals in England. A compound or receptor in hot peppers is now said to absolutely cure every know type of cancer. Herbs 10 pharm. 0.