A very special chicken has passed on frown . Her name is Nique. Short for her breed, Dominique. She made herself known to us after only a couple days. In a brooder with twenty five other chicks, she stood out. Whenever we would lean over the top of the brooder to see them, she would come over and look up at us as if to say “Get me out of here. I don’t belong with all these chickens”. Nique did indeed enjoy being picked up smile . Later in life she would decide when she wanted to be handled. Some days she would sit in your lap for near an hour letting you pet her while she would cat nap. We would play a game where I would pretend to have something in my hand and she would scrape her beak across my fingers or the back of my hand till I opened it so she could see what was inside. On Christmas morning she came inside and helped open gifts. She pulled at the paper and stood on her toes to see what was in the box. When she saw it wasn’t something to eat she started looking for another package. Many found memories, too many to list. smile laugh frown
Her death was very sudden, no illness that we knew of, no suffering. The day before she was very active and playful. She was just dead when I went out to see them in the morning. If she had to leave us at this time. I am thankful it happened this way. Nique would have been three years old in March.

Niques Picture


Goodbye Nique our special, special chicken. We miss you very much! Thanks for sharing your life with us. laugh frown frown

Bill & Connie