Hi chknlari,

The door will probably need one more adjustment in about a week (at least mine did) and since then (2months) no tune-ups at all. laugh The first time it opened for my girls I was in the coop with them to watch the reactions. Very funny. Everybody had a good look at the open door then they looked at me like "how did that happen when your in here".

My Roo (Wally) went to the great white coop in the sky. I had to have the neighbor come and do the deed. He just went nasty. I actually chased him around the yard with a broom after a triple play attack he launched at me. Got me 3 times with his feet the rotter. Then he went after my daughter the next day. My daughter says he tasted the best.

The door is very handy to have. I have the luxury of working from home (accountant) but need to actually go to work on occassion laugh . I have to leave at about 6:00am which is too early for the girls. So the door lets them out at 7:45am. No more begging favours from the neighbors.