Hello! Just a little about me. laugh
I'm a mom of 3. 2 boys 25 and 20. A girl 16. We have over 150 chickens between us and 37 different breeds and colors of breeds. As well as imports. My new layers are French Wheaten Marans. I am still awaiting my first egg! Sassy girls are holding out on me. eek

I am originally from Michigan. Romulus right at Metro Airport. I now reside near my DH's family farm for the last 15 years in Upper Middle Tennessee.

I am not a farmer by any means. I can't kill and eat any of my birds. We don't even eat the eggs because the family thinks of them as potential babies. lol. I hatch a lot of chicks!

I guess we are large scale pet owners. :p In addition to a slew of chickens we have 6 horses and 2 mini's, 3 Chihuahua's (Tiki, Tea-la and Rosita) a whole bunch of cats, 2 pet rats and Texas A&M quail. The tiny one's.

And I DO have a house chicken. She's a Mille Fleur D'Uccle that had her lower beak injured as a chick. It gradually got worse even tho the vet tried his best. The last recommendation was surgery. Too expensive and too hard on her. Soooo....Her and I watch court shows in the morning while she has each and every piece of layer and grain etc fed to her and again in the evening watching CSI.

If I get too interested in the show and stop her meal she will jump up and peck my forehead! lol She has never worn a chicken diaper and has never poo'ed on me either. Although I do use a puppy pad on my lap just in case there's a first time. wink She has her own bedroom and very large home in there. My oldest son moved out so someone had to occupy that room. laugh

Anyway, I know you all think I'm a kooky blonde. But hey! Everybody does. laugh