Does anyone know the name and/or contact information for a federal or state entity that deals with city governments who practice "selective" or "arbitrary" enforcement regarding poultry or other animals???

My City allows 10 chickens, which must be contained 24x7 (no free ranging, even in your own back yard). I thought I had done the right thing; however, in my efforts to make the best home for my hens (no roosters) after obtaining written permission from my surrounding neighbors, I overlooked an important item which states that the housing must be 20' from the property line. Mine is only 10' (and is not movable). The City said they would overlook the placement as long as no one complained.

I had 10 lovely quiet hens until two weeks ago when I was forced to give them up because of a hateful neighbor (two doors away who lives with his sister and brother-in-law)who started complaining that my hens were too noisy. The City found that they weren't too noisy and dismissed the first citation. Then he started complaining that my hen house was 10' too close to the property line (after he "self-educated" himself about the municipal code. This is a 54 year old man who hasn't had a job in 20 years, smokes pot and is emotionally disturbed. This neighbor started trouble six months ago, moved to another neighborhood last December, but made a point of harassing me even after he moved. During the time of trouble, he harassed me, he tried to extort money from me so that I could keep my chickens (according to him) and threatened me. I finally had to get a restraining order.

While the City was willing to overlook the 10' barring a complaint, they chose to enforce their municipal code because of the one bad neighbor who no longer lives in the neighborhood (but might move back at the end of the year).

Three blocks away from me in the same neighborhood there are hens running around loose and no one seems to mind them. They've been there for nine months.

I need help finding the organization that can help me deal with the City's bad behavior.

A chicken loving co-worker recommended this site and said the professionals would know what to do in a case like this.