Hello all,

Thank you for your kind responses. The man who is causing the problems "lives with" his sister. I'm guessing he pays some type of rent when there and some type of contribution from his disability check. He moved out temporarily last December while the back end of the house they inherited with the father died gets a face lift. The evil one will move back in when the work is finished. Then the sister and brother in law will move to Hawaii and leave the bad boy in their house to live. The whole family is very dysfunctional. The sister and her husband recently inherited their 9 month old grandchild because the baby was being neglected and abused by the young parents who don't have a clue as how to care for an infant/child. I have never seen the sister touch or hold the baby, but I see her husband (grandfather by marriage) holding him all the time. Crazy weird family. The brother in law came to my house yesterday to tell me that he had rented out the house next door to me. Apparently the family has a handicapped daughter who cannot communicate and must be led around by an adult. He wanted to make sure I understood that she screams.....any time, day or night. I guess he didn't want me to call the police thinking someone was being hurt. Or was he just trying to make sure that he continues to torture me? Don't know.

This past weekend, while I was standing at my front door gazing at the beautiful weather we were having, the evil one drove slowly past my house gawking as he drove by. Since this was in clear violation of the restraining order for which he has no respect, I called the police. He now has a court date to tell the judge all about it some time in April. His brother in law doesn't care that the evil one is breaking the law by coming to his house (2 houses from mine). And these are very visibly devout religious people who eat, breathe and sleep the JW religion. I just don't understand how they could act, or not act, in this manner against their neighbors. confused Even the Golden Rule has great value and reward to most normal people. This is way more info than you want to know. Guess I needed to get it outta me. Thanks for listening.

I had an encouraging phone call back from one of my city council members this evening. He is very interested in talking to me regarding my chickens and the municipal code. After I gave him a very brief description of what I would like to share with him, he said, "don't you just hate it when you have crappy neighbors!" At least it's a glimmer of hope. And even more impressive that he called me from his hospital bed where he was being treated for cancer and he asked to meet with me.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.