1 small white hen + large Easter egger rooster = 1 large Easter egger chick with yellow legs and 1 small Easter egger chick with green legs.

At three weeks old, the hen rejected the Easter egger chick with green legs. I had one Silkie left after a tragedy in an outsider brooder pen. I put the two chicks together (same age), kept them separate for a week, then put them out with the flock. They are fine; none bothers them.

The chick with its mom cheeps ALL the time. It is frantic if it gets separated from its mom. It runs and flaps its wings and cheeps loudly until it finds its mom again. It has even run into walls and fences in the process. The other chicks don't cheep at all.

Should I confine mom and chick, or separate chick from mom, or just leave them alone?