I have a flock of this years chicks that will be in production soon. They are red sex-links and some chicks that I hatched out this spring.
We have had a very wet year and I feel that I have been lucky to raise my chicks while suffering only one death.
I want to say how much I enjoy reading the posts on the coop.
I soppose you could say I have mutts but I have 4 white rock pullets and 5 black Australops along with the sex-links.
I will be interested to see how the pure breed pullets compare to the sex-links in egg production.
My chicks came from Cackle hatchery in Mo.
The chicks I hatched under a bantam hen are a cross of a black giant rooster and my red sex-link hens that I raised last year. these 4 pullets and one rooster are large chickens and if they don't lay well they will be good roasting hens.