Before we moved in to our house in the country, the previous owner gave us the name of the man who plowed the driveway for them. We debated getting a snow blower or snow blade attachment to the lawn tractor, but, when we found out a new blower attachment was $1100 and the blade $400, we thought we would try using Ray. I shoveled a lot, but called Ray about five times. We didn't talk price, but the previous owner told us what he charged them. We never got a bill. Before the next winter, I called him and said we wanted to use him again, but wanted to pay him for the previous winter. He explained that he lost his little record book when he loaned his truck one time and had no idea what anyone owed him, so he didn't bill anyone. That next winter was one of the amazing upstate winters -- it almost never snowed. So we never called Ray. The next winter, before we could call Ray, a neighbor with a blade on his ATV asked us if we would like himn to plow for us. I paid him up front the first time, but he came five or six times after that and never asked for any additional payment. He moved over the summer. I called Ray again for this winter and he has plowed three times so far. Hasn't charged us yet.

My wife and I were snowshoeing last weekend. There were some drifts that were five feet high. Our lab was working harder than we were. We didn't bring any chickens along (figured I should mention chickens, at least once).