On TV recently, there was a little snippet of information about a park on the North Shore of Auckland, that was reputed to have been given to the Township of Albany, with the proviso that chickens should be allowed to run free there.

Apparently this has been honoured for many years, but lack of control, coupled with many willing "feeders" has caused an explosion in the population of the hens.
The council claims to have captured and rehomed about 1000 chooks in the last three years. Following complaints from a few members of the public, the council declared the chooks must go.

Submissions were made by a "friends of the chooks" group on a proper management strategy, but despite a hearing, the council (or should I say the Darleks, took it into their own hands to "exterminate"
I don't think the following article is unbiased. I warn you fellow chooky lovers, that the video is a bit disturbing.

Left me feeling disgusted. Murder