Store eggs have been amazingly high around here. Large went to $1.89 a dozen a couple of weeks ago, and are still mostly over $1.50. There was a little sign posted at the grocery store in our nearby small town, the gist of which is as follows: The reasons for the recent spike in egg prices are 1) Consumption is up by 2%, largely because of the Atkins diet and recent announcements that eggs aren't as bad for people as we had been led to believe. 2) Three million birds were slaughtered in California because of the END outbreak 3) The UEP (don't know what this is) animal care certification program is causing layers to have more room in their cages, and this is reducing flock size.
Anybody have reason to think these are the real reasons for the price increase?
Just before this happened, our feed went up by 75cents per cwt around here, due, we are told, to a spike in the protein (soybean) market. The bean market was up, and has come back down some. My last feed fell by 25 cents to $10 per cwt. I found it strange that feed costs were not listed as part of the over all causes for the price spike.
Does anyone know if there is any prospect of the price staying high? I could make a killing if I could raise my price to $1.50 or $1.75 per dozen, like Lee has done in his area. My guess is that in about six months all the needed new layers will be coming online and the high price won't last long after that.