Hey all.
I got a funny one for you. I have a flock of large breed orpington mixes. A few years ago I put a little gray silken roo in the pen with them. I called him Puppy because he would follow me around when we first got him. That was until he "went native." He died back in the fall. He was a funny little bird. He would try to mate with the hens, but they were about 2x his size and he could barely walk. So he would wait until one of the other roos got a hen down and Puppy would try to get in on the action. Kinky isn't it? I never saw him succeed. But I often thought it would be funny if we hatched out a dark chick with dark skin and a funny comb. Last week I noticed that the smallest hen from last fall's hatch was a little dark around the face (although her feathers are white and yellow, and her feet and shanks are a nice purple black. Yes! Daughter of Puppy. I think I'll put here in with my half silken games.
I wonder if anyone else here has had any similar experiences.