Originally posted by Bill:
One of the things that make a Silver Seabright stand out is the feather lacing. Each feather should be outlined with black, as if someone took a black highliter & outlined each feather. The more white that bleeds into the black, or black into white, the less desireable it is, another words, there should be an abrupt change.
While you are searching on this forum, check for washing birds. It is an important part of showing. If she is not use to doing that, try it with another bird first to get the practice. Also have her handle the bird as much as possible to get it use to being looked at, like a judge would do, hold it in one hand, spread each wing open, one at a time, lift its head to look at its face, tilt it forward to look at its feet, the calmer the bird is while this is being done, the more the judge will be impressed. There is a lot more, but the best way to learn all this, is by showing

Good luch, tell her to HAVE FUN smile