I am sure all these questions have been asked before, but I'm having trouble finding all the answers by searching the archives and web. Wading through pages and pages of info for the answer to a specific question is very tedious and time consuming if you know what I mean. smile

I've always had production type layers so I've never really had a broody hen. Last year I got some White Rocks and lo and behold one has gone broody on me. If one of my production hens even thought about going broody, I could always break them by kicking them out of the nest box and putting them on the roost after dark. Usually one or two nights of this and they quit. Not this White Rock hen. She just keeps sitting and sitting. I was going to do the wire bottom cage routine, but then I thought, "hey, it might be fun to try and let her set", plus I could use some replacement layers. I really don't lose much by letting her try anyway. If she gives up part way through, oh well. So here are my questions:

1. I'm thinking I should let her set awhile and then move her later? I've read that some hens will abandon their nest if you try to move them. She's not in a great spot though. I have a ten-hole nest box on the wall and she is hanging out in one of those. If I move her and she gets upset, might she damage the eggs?

2. How many eggs? I was thinking 12?

3. If I leave her where she is right now, I will need to check the nest daily for any new eggs laid by other hens. Can I pull the broody hen off the nest to check the eggs or should I just try to reach under her? I would think I might miss or damage eggs unless I pull her off the nest to check???

That's all right now. It's been a long day at work and I have an early day tomorrow.

Thanks for answering my basic broody hen questions!