Well so far so good. My broody hen is starting to get in the routine. In the morning, I go to the coop and open the dog kennel and she comes out to eat and drink and preen herself. While she is out, I go and feed and water our broiler chicks that are out on pasture. When I come back, she is sitting back on her eggs and I lock her back in the kennel.

This morning I had to laugh. When I came back to lock her up, there she is sitting on the roost and softly clucking, sort of a frustrated and not very happy cluck. I looked in the kennel and there was one of my black sex-link hens sitting on the eggs. I pulled the black hen off the eggs and my white rock hen jumped off the roost and strutted around the dog kennel and then went inside and took up her spot on the incubating eggs. Then my black hen jumped up on the perch of the nest boxes and started doing the most indignent clucking you ever heard.

My husband said that my white rock hen just hired some "day care" for her eggs while she was off getting a bite to eat. LOL! I guess the day care worker must have wanted more hours. smile