For the past few days we have also been dealing with our first case of chicken pecking/cannabalism. We scoured the boards for info to help us and found many helpfull hints and suggestions from removing the injured chicken to the application of pine tar to stop the pecking. We have done both, removal and the pine tar which i might add is a sticky mess" (WEAR GLOVES). At any rate in our online quest to end the savagery we came across a post from a man out in california who had a website posted that sold two very interesting items. First item: chicken bits. Yes thats right I said chicken bits. They are tiny c shaped pieces of metal or plastic that keep the chicken from closing their mouth all the way but still allow them to eat and drink. Second: chicken blinders...some might refer to them more as tiny shades or spectacles but chicken blinders none the less. When i first read this it was shown to me by my mother who had been searching the world wide web in hopes of stopping the madness that had taken over the hen house. She was even to the point that she had asked me if we should install a baby monitor out there so we could hear what was going on and I suppose her idea was we would hear the ruckus and run out and stop it at what ever god for saken hour it was taking place, but then she had this website all fired up and ready for me to look at. Chicken bits and blinders. I honestly thought she had let her blood sugar get out of hand but after looking at it saw she was serious and these two items were Real. They sell them in packages and they arent too expensive. Havent used them yet as we ordered them today and will post back our results. if you would like to know where i found them you can go to there is a little link to the upper left called bits and blinders. heres to cannabalism free hen yards and houses.