I am the new owner of 10 rhode island red hens and 1 unidentifiable breed rooster. He's mostly white with some brown on his wing feathers. He is very large. I adopted them from a family who replaces their production layers every year. The hens are doing great. The problem is the rooster. He is severely hen-pecked and they keep picking at him. He's lost all his tail feathers, although some are trying to grow back. His neck has lots of red raw spots and so does his back. He's just a mess. He's also very very timid and runs away from me and doesn't seem to mind it when the chickens peck him. Where I got him, there were 100 chickens in a fairly small barn and I'm not sure how many roosters for them. Now he's in a nice big coop and run and only has to deal with 10 hens. My question: will he come around and assert some dominance or is he just a wimp? I just feel bad for him. javascript:void(0) Forgive me, I'm totally new to chickens.