I just got 15 chicks yesterday (hatched Wednesday)...4 Anconas, 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes (maybe 5) and 7 Roos. Based on their color, they could be New Hampshire Reds, Rhode Island Reds or that Red Star sex-link. I don't know is some chicks are better then others together or what, but these 7 are not nice at all. They targeted my Anconas chasing them around, dragging them by the top of their heads and pecking at their eyes mad . I seperated the 7 (in the same cage, but with a divider...they can see each other). Am I going to ever be able to combine these? I had two other groups, 15 and 10, and had no problems combining them, or with peeking issues. They all get along fantasticly laugh
Did I just get a mean batch or is this their normal for the possible breeds? They don't bother each other at all...just my poor Anconas. frown
I tried to put the smallest one back in with the group this afternoon, thinking that because he didn't do anything yesterday, he wouldn't today...boy was I wrong. Immediately started peeking at the others and grabbing their wings. I put him back with the others.
Any thoughts?