Hey everyone. I'm just starting to breed chooks, and thought I'd better start by thickening the shells of the eggs my chooks lay. I bought (sea) shell grit, and a bag of fairly expensive Barastoc Golden Yolk Layer Pellets (Aussie brand - Aussies out there - does it contain enough calcium?) The Analysis on the bag does not have a percentage of calcium, although it says it is compounded from calcium, among other things. I tries ringing Barastoc, but they never returned my calls.

MY QUESTION: Do 'Complete' Layer Pellets generally contain enough calcium to produce stong shelled eggs, or does a supplement like sea shell grit usually have to be given. If the answer is yes, then why say 'complete' when a supplement has to be given.

I'm desperate to know if I need to buy more shell grit, so is it worth it, and ARE CHEAPER BRANDS USUALLY AS GOOD (NUTRITIONALLY) AS MORE EXPENSIVE BRANDS? confused

Brett Enright. laugh