I have my flock of, mostly, NHR's from McMurray Hatchery. The one male I have left (ate the rest and made him the boss) has started mounting the pullets. My Grandmother, she is 88, says I can expect eggs soon. They are going to be 19 weeks old soon. I know that even if the rooster mates them it has no affect on when I will get eggs but before when he would grab them they would run away screaming and now they just assume the position. Can I take this as a sign of maturity? They haven't begun to make the cartoon chicken sound (Buck, buck, buck, BUCKAWK), what they have been doing is more of a long squuuuuuuaaaaaaaaacccckkkkk over and over with a long hold on the UUUUUUU part.

Will I get eggs soon? Can someone else who got NHR's from McMurray's tell me when they started laying? I think I am thinking too much.

Also, my coop has no smell whatsoever but the chicken poop has been scratched into dust to a point that when they flap their wings dust goes everywhere! Should I be worried about them getting lung cancer (LOL) or some kind of breathing problem. Maybe I should just add a bit of moisture to prevent all the loose manure dust; I may have over done the whole "NO WATER IN THE BEDDING AT ALL" thing. As always any information would be greatly appreciated. smile