I think you have raised a very good point. I have two pens in my basement for isolation. One is roomy enough for one sick bird. The other is large enough for maybe 4 full size birds. I use the large one for a brooder. Sanitized before any use. When I go away and entrust another with care of my flock, I set up the pen complete with litter, heat lamp, feeder and waterier ready to fill. I have everything at the ready. I will pre-measure vitamins and antibiotics so if I feel it is needed I just tell the caretaker to empty the clearly marked bag into the waterier and fill. It makes everyone feel better knowing exactly what to do.

I will echo the second part of your post also. Before jumping in to keeping poultry you must be prepared for loss. This also means having the ability to take the life of a suffering animal if needed. It can be very hard for some to do. When hatching chicks, not all chicks come out healthy. Some can be severely disabled and will need to be put down. Knowledge and experience helps reduce these problems but it will happen.

Bill L.