TC and Bill, I think the information you both provided is not considered by most of us with birds. The only thing I can add is the disposal of birds that either die unexpectedly or are killed because they are sick. The best thing of course, is to take a sick or dead bird to the pathology lab for analysis to be sure that you either have nothing to worry about or to plan treatment for your stock.
If the cost is prohibitive I think we all need to be prepared to incinerate the carcasses of any birds that we suspect had a disease. Any bird that is not for the table at my home is burned in a barrel, just to be sure.
Anyone who finds it impossible to euthanize a chick or young bird might try using starter fluid (ether). Put paper towel in the bottom of a coffee can that has a tight fitting lid. Put the sick bird in, spray a reasonable amount of ether into the can and quickly close the lid. The bird will just go to sleep. Be sure to do the spraying outside for safety.