Subject: Horses/Live Stock and Chickens

Moderator 2 has asked that I paste my story here in hopes to help others:

This morning I found my Australorp hen dead in the stock tank (drowned). Now I am not looking for sympathy just want others to learn from my experience. My husband placed a fence ramp inside the stock tank (piece of 2x4 inch fencing) so now they could climb right out.
I am so upset for my stupidity, I have learned-and it will not happen again. Pretty sure the only avoidance is to have something in the tank so they can get out, ALL of the time, "just in case".

In Loving Memory of Viola (a little town in Arkansas), the one who always ran up as fast as she could, hoping to get the 1st treat, she will be missed.

Have you hugged a Hen today?

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