Hi All,

I just wanted to touch bases with the visitors on The Coop, especially those that are involved with the recent (sort of) discussions about the board and features.

Back Story: I actaully started The Coop in 1995 as a project to learn html. It has kind of taken on a life of it's own despite the fact that I've sort of drifted away the past few years.

Present: I'm not sure why the server change messed up the board. I've had numersou trouble tickets and support calls, and never got anyone to admit they could find anyting. I'm glad it seems to be working now, ut that is as much of a mystery as it ceasing to function.

The Future:
If anyone has experience with board software I am considering:
1> Moving the whole thing to a new, more reliable server. We are with WEB.com. we ended up there after about 4 or 5 mergers, and I'm not impressed. They have been problematic for several years and the past year have really gone down hill. I have a couple possible places in mind, but want to figure out how to preserve the board and it's contents. we moved things to a new board years back and ended up loosing all the old material which was a shame.
2> Upgrading the Discussion Board, possibly to UBB Threads, which is a later version of this software, but it operates on SQL instead of a flat file system. This particular software has been installed here since 2003, so it is no spring chicken.

What's holding me up?

Finding the time to do the research, particularly on the board and how we can move things around. Also, the license for the updated software is $199, Having them do an upgrade install $149 etc. Not a lot, but it adds up. I just want to be sure we are making a difference if I make the investment.

Any of you know anything about UBB Threads? Can we keep our past history switching from UBB classic to Threads? If you have any experience in these areaas or want to do a little research, let me know. Drop me a private message. I may not get back to you same day, but I'll try and look regularly.