We have at present 2 female geese. Brown chinese I believe. The most gentle of these two was recently very insistant on sitting, even though we were removing her infirtile eggs on a regular basis. After more than 3 weeks of this behavior- she quit.

Lost some weight (as I would expect) but I was hoping that now things were back to normal, (no sitting or laying), she'd start to put the weight back on, look/act healthier, etc.

She hasn't. she's gotten worse- slowly, day by day.... wasting away. She used to be FAR bigger than the other female. Now? 1/2 the size.

She's pooping a goose version of blackish cow pies... if that makes sense. one of her eyes is all puffy and sore looking, too. Other goose? no symptoms. Thriving in fact.

Yes, our sick girl is still grazing on pasture daily, and I have seen her drink. But still.... to look at her makes me think she is very, very ill.

No known changes in her environment. She has access to layer pellets (as before) and water to bathe in. we change the drinking water 2x day and the bathing water 1x day.

Thoughts or suggestions please!