I have a pidgeon-sized chicken who returned to the coop last night with most of the skin on her neck torn loose (back of neck mostly). It was still attached by about 25%, but was dangling in front like a bib. We believe the damage to have been done by a large rooster, as all other hens are heavy-breed & showed no damage.

I brought her inside, examined carefully -- miraculously, there appeared to be no damage to the thin membrane or actual muscle of her neck. She was barely bleeding, only a little bit. The skin seemed to be all there, just badly detached.

Wasn't sure what to do, so I did this: Put her in sink, carefully cleared sticky feathers from the inner side of skin using tweezers (did not pluck, just moved them out of wound); used a big eyedropper to flush skin flap & her exposed neck muscles w/lukewarm salt water (had a splash of hyrogen peroxide in water, too); carefully wrapped her skin back around neck as it should be; wrapped her neck securely but not too tightly in a gauze bandage, sealed w/tape. I was tempted to try a stitch or two skin-to-skin, as I think she would have stood for it even without anesthetic, poor thing, but I didn't.

Short of buying chicken medicine(s) or going to vet, are there any other home treatments I could perform that may increase her chances of survival? Using things I may have here in my kitchen or medicine chest? She is a favorite of a 6 yr. old boy, who is interested in her recovery.

She is in a "hospital box" in my office, so she's warm, has pellets & water. I gave her a slurry of yogurt, milk, & scrambled egg this morning, to see if she would eat, and she did -- 6 or more slow but large beakfuls. Based on this, can anyone hazard a guess to her chances? The 6 yr. old is a reasonable young man (understands these things happen), but is eager to know if she stands a chance. I would normally dispatch a bird with this grave an injury, so I'm not sure what to tell him, frankly.