Little update on the red birds. The best laced blue cockerels just did not develop enough size or width. They also sported cushion combs. I've selected down to two that have good pea combs, not a lot of height, but deceptively good full breast and weight. My youngest was helping the "old man" catch and sort birds a couple months ago and commented, "You can really feel the Cornish in this one," having ample experience helping her grandpa wrangle his SQ white Cornish. I concur, very noticable Cornish influence. They have lacing on the side of breast with too many solid blue feathers down the center. This shot is from last fall, shows the breast fairly well.

I guess I subscribe to the old adage "you have to build the barn before you paint it."

I also pulled an old veteran out of retirement to help put a little more size in the mix.

Thank you, Randy, for the kind words.