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I don't like "hijacking" this thread, but how user friendly is Google Picassa for those of us who have dial-up Internet connections? Photobucket can be a bit slow to open for me sometimes, and sometimes I have to close it out 2-3 times before it finally opens. I'm just wondering if Google Picassa would react the same way.

Rhea Dean, I have started this thread in the interest of not hijacking the poultry health one.

I posed the question to HHH, and Sandy, the owner--also a member here--had this to say.
I post directly from Photobucket--not from the other sites (meaning Facebook ,etc.).
I don't have any problems. I use the option for posting by clicking on the pictures I want and then clicking on "Generate HTML code and IMG code," then choosing the third block "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards--recommended." It still works for me.

I don't know if this is how either you or CJR use photobucket.

As for Google Picassa, I have only ever used this, and I was on dial-up until the beginning of February when we finally went broadband. Only the point already outlined about spaces in the original photo title have caused me any problems in the past. Sometimes on very busy nights on Internet, the albums may take a while to load (depends on the numbers you have in them), but I have never had to close and re-open. I also make sure that when I am saving the pictures from my camera, I do not have them too big and save as jpegs.

I expect most photo hosting sites will invariably be problematic sometimes for dial-up systems and especially so if the size of the uploaded picture is rather large. I guess the only way to be sure if it is suitable for individuals is for them to try it.