Much Ado about Bird-Flu

In retrospect, I consider the brouhaha on bird flu all but negative hype that resulted into deaths, not from bird-flu afflicted persons, but psychological and economical "deaths" afflicted poultry farmers. The poultry industry downturn from the "bird-flu" affected countries were so severe that it became almost impossible for farmers to come out of financial debts when the brouhaha subsided. There are even reports of actual people deaths coming from farmers committing suicides from depression. And come to think about it, the scare is caused just by alarmist scientists who fear that the disease might eventually get transmitted from human to human, which might start a disease spread of pandemic proportions! And these alarmists became very palatable for media to devour and broadcast that resulted into widespread fear and non-patronage of poultry products. So sad.

Poultry Doc