Hello everyone, 'A very interesting forum indeed'
I am writing from NewZealand where we have a partially recreated Cochin from (Buff Rock, Buff Orpington, Chinese Langshan, and Rhode Island Red Bloodlines).
The aim of the initial breeder was by showing appreciation of the original Asiatic fowl to re-create these more utility type birds before they were transformed into there more fluffier forms. There has now been work started by a few keen breeders including myself to work further on the old asiatic forms and start work on the Brahma, the aim to keep this utility purpose.
I see this forum has not been used in a few months so i hope everyones still around, due to our seasonal differences im gathering everyone in the Northern hempisphere is busy breeding.
I am wanting to post a few pictures of whats been currently worked on i have various cochin/ indian game/ langshan X birds. If someone is able to offer advice it would be much appreciated.
On a personal note i am no genetics wizz and understand basic principles but am very eager to learn.
Congradulations to you all on your hard work.
Look forward to hearing back from you.