Even better explained:

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Hi Karen,

Yes I recall ages ago someone else was having problems with posting pics from egroups -- something to do with having to personally log in to see the photos, & not having a direct link /URL to the photo for external use (possibly web server security reasons).

The photobucket link works good wink

To show the photo here at the Coop, you hover the cursor over the image at Photobucket, & up pops the [img] tag URL (& others) for you. Eg:

All you have to do then is to (left) click in the text box next the URL / link that you want (ie IMG code text box), and this automatically saves in memory the IMG tag url / link for you (you will see "Copied" shown in the text box, indicating successful copying of code).

Then it is just a matter of pasting the code back here at The Coop, in the reply window, eg the following code:

Here is the code directly pasted into The Coop Reply Window:

And here is the result: the chick in question smile