For the record my genetics knowledge is limited. The Brahma is an unknown breed in New Zealand. My aim is to work on recreating one. As many members on this site are more familiar with actually having seen these birds in person your advice is important. Can any one offer advice in direction, and possible connections for colour based on what i have.

I am terribly interested in those birds you have above Big Medicine but im sure that will have to be well down the track.

Colours interested in are- columbian and buff columbian, silver pencilled, partridge, blue/black/splash laced.

I will now post a few more pictures of the phenotypes i have to work with, someone may have ideas on what i need further.

These are F2 birds. If anyone wants to know the F1 and subsequent parent stock for a particular bird let me know.

I am not always on here but will try keep upto date.

"These 2 girls were 3.5kgs (8 pound) at 18 weeks and laying, are currently 4kg (9 pound)at 21-22 weeks, my biggest pullets/hens".

"My favourite pullet"