HI Mountain Man, welcome to the coop! I dont know why I missed your earlier posts.

I have to re-iterate what MM has said, that there are no Brahma in NZ, and nothing close to international standards, no Malay, the Cochin has been developed and doesn't show the Pti-B, rather Pti-L, the indian games are small, so the road is a hard one, but its do-able.
But what we do have are (some) decent sized sussex, (some) decent sized dottes (no silver pencilled/partridge varieties exist in any LF only bantam dottes), and some fairly leggy langhsans. And Pti-B is only really in the bantam pekin

I've seen MM's chooks and with the greatest respect to the quality of the photos - those 2 first pullets are big girls(of his first post- the gold based wheatons), and the cockeral (black tailed buff wheaton) in pic 4 has real promise (heaps of stature and presence, big broad head and that pre-req dewlap).
MM knows what I think as to a strategy etc but I hope some others will give him some tips.

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