Culled 4 hens today (a few more to go yet...) and butchered 2 cockerals.

We're not very keen on chicken meat - so we only kept the breast meat and the drumsticks of the 3 younger hens. We didn't even remove the insides - just skinned enough to get those portions of meat off. Very lazy, but it suited us just fine.

Although we did remove the insides of the cockerals and keep the carcass whole, we also skinned them. We don't appreciate the skin much (We've never tried singing the hairs off it!), so skinning them was no loss. It was also a lot quicker - so made the whole session more manageable!

One of the hens was moulting, and one of the others had already moulted. So I guess we might notice if some of the meat is not as nice as the rest - seeing all of the breast meat and drumsticks is being cooked together the same way.

The other hens to be culled will be done another time (once they are not laying!). But this frees up space so that our younger chooks can move out of the housing that they are out-growing!