On quick reply there is no checkbox/flag to be checked hence my script has no effect then. wink
What happens: when you do a "full reply" the topic will be added to the watched topic list if you don't uncheck the said checkbox. This is logic, since you want to know what people answer to your post.
If you can't remove the topic from the watched topic list then that is another bug (for UBB).
The standard notification in forum software is to send only a notification the first time after you make your post or after you have visited the topic again. If our software doesn't do that, that is another bug too ... wink

The solution suggested by the UBB board was to modify the php script to set the checked property to "checked" by default.
This doesn't work for me since I can not access the php scripts.
What I did instead is add a standard footer to this/each php-page:


<script type=text/javascript>
if(document.getElementById("dofav")) document.getElementById("dofav").checked = "checked";