i have eaten my own roasted 18 month old cornish rooster (we call them indian game here) and the skin was not good but the flesh was more very firm than tough. tough i say is so hard that you cannot chew it up. i believe in using my teeth...i have all of my teeth.

my conish we usuaally kill around 6 months old, both bantam and large but they can be older. we kill on a cool evening and hang them on the clothsline after cleaning over night. then they go in the freezer. other times if it is too warm they have to go in the fridge over night.

different breeds taste different and have different texture meat. the cornish does not have much fat bit crossed to another breed like whyndottes they can have a lot of internal fat. crossed to shamo the meat is very different. most of my birds have dark meat.

most of the birds are free range and development of meat is always good. most of the time our birds are roasted.

i feel stress is another factor which causes toughness, from being confined in over crowded conditions to bullying and unfamilia environment.

i think some people here are talking a lot of rot on toughness. but then again they may have no teeth.