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George J. Schopac Jr.
60 Camp Ave.
North Kingstown,RI 02852

Hello Members,

It was asked of me George,how many times do you see an Old English become champion of a show? To myself I thought quite often so I decided to do a little research.The Old English Game Bantam Club of America hosted 180 meets in 1996.At these meets the Old English was Champion Bantam 66 times and reserve Champion Bantam 50 times so it looks like to me 64% of the shows we had a meet at the O.E. games done quite well. I will be picking up the yearbook at the ABA semi-annual at Bloomsberg PA.,in May. So if all is going well every member should receive theirs by the end of May. Don't forget these are sent Bulk Rate mail to our members,so it is very important that our membership list is up to date.If anyone has moved please notify the O.E. office. Bulk rate mail isn't returned to me.The 2nd edition of "Old English Game Bantam as Bred and shown in the US" by Fred Jeffrey And Bill Richardson, have been selling well. Anyone wishing to purchase one can do so by sending $15.00 to me and I will mail you one. Also, we are out of bands until next year.The club also has a nice 3" patch for $5.00 each. It is the up most importance that each and all directors assigning meets in their districts to be sure to let me know where the show is and when.There were a few problems last year with clubs holding meets and never returning their show reports.I need to know where these shows are at the end of each year I need to check my records and to see what shows never returned their paperwork.The problem last year was meets were given out and I had no idea.So I did not know that certain shows had meets,needless to say I did not write to them.

Well,spring has finally arrived here in New England.The chickens are laying well and the hatching is going fairly well. We will be attending quite a few shows this spring and fall.So, if you're at one of the shows I'm attending be sure to come say HI,and lets talk Old English games.

George & Donna Schopac, Sec/Trea

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