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Welcome to The Coop's update page.

June 25, 1999 - The Coop is undergoing a face lift with new and easier navigation options. The Home page, Library, Show Information and Associates page have been update with the new look and had material content updates.
The Library has a number of new articles listed from coopAssociate sites.
The Associates Site lists our newest Associate The American Brown Leghorn Club has an uipdated address for the Scotts Dumpie Club of Scotland and lists The newest sponsor fo The Coop - Valley View Pheasants.

Kemp's Koops has extended their sponsorship of The Coop through the rest of the 20th century! Please stop by our sponsors and check them out or drop them a note of thanks. These fine establishments are helping provide the resources necessary to Maintain The Coop as "Your Key To The On-line Poultry Community."

The Shows section has been completely re-done and includes a regional direcory of shows and a place where users can submit show information or review new user listings.

February 5, 1999 - Recent updates include forwarding all visitors to the old Transport.com domain to the Coop's own domain at http://www.the-coop.org in conjunction with that the old change log has been replaced by this new update page. The idea remains the same.

We would like to welcome the Wyandotte Bantam Club of America to The Coop and let you know that The American Dutch Bantam Society recently added several articles, pictures and updates to their site. Acorn Hollow Bantams has their 1999 price list up and has added a couple of good articles. If you want birds, you had better get your orders in now.

Kemp's Koops - a poultry supply store with a secure on-line ordering feature has recently begun sponsoring The Coop and G&K Exotics is continuing their support. stop by and check them out.

The Associates page was updated today too.

Summary of Changes on moving to The-Coop.org domain.

The Coop is now housed at the domain the-coop.org and all of the features have moved.

The Cork Board was replaced by The Classroom@ The Coop. This is a self service bulletin board. We have had mixed reviews, Some folks love the new feel and capabilities, others miss the simplicity of the old board. Fact of the matter is, we couldn't keep up with the old Cork Board so we went to a new system, weighing the benefits and weaknesses of various available freeware systems we landed on this one.

The list of Coop Associate Sites has grown and our readership continues to expand.

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