I am a generally licensed ABA & APA Judge, and a life-long bantam fancier.

Presently I am breeding and showing blue and black Old English Game bantams. I have recently started woking on a line of Modern Game bantams. I have some quality birds I can share with others as I can keep only a very few. If you are looking for some Quality Birds, drop me a line. I can e-mail you pictures of something you might like.

I have decided to part with all of my blue and splash Old English Game Bantams to make way for my brown Red Modern Game Bantams. I Currently have approximtely 5 pairs of blue and 2 pairs of splash. these birds would give someone a great start in both showing and breeding. I got my start in blue from Brent Davenport.Roger Heywood

I do enjoy poultry and talking to the fanciers I have made friends with over the years. Feel free to e-mail me. I love to talk chickens.

Roger Heywood
736 3rd St. SW
Britt, IA 50423
(641) 843-3393


Black Old English Game Hen black OEG hen
black Old English Game bantams
Black OEG Cockerel


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Blue old english game hen
blue OEG hen

Blue Old  English Game cockerel
blue OEG cockerel

brown red Modern Game bantam
brown red Modern cockerel