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Articles on The Coop -

Bantam Ducks, By Lou Horton A primer on Bantam Ducks by one of America's experts on the subject.

Plymouth Rocks, By Loren Hadley Some background on the breed.

The Vorwerk Bantam, By Wilmar Vorwerk The development and breeding of this beautiful bantam breed.

Great articles at Acorn Hollow Bantams -
A Coop Associate Site

Geese - The Basics The basics of selecting and raising domestic geese.

Proposed Standard Description for the Butterscotch Call Duck The Butterscotch Call Duck will be having a qualifying meet in the near future. If the interested breeders meet the qualifications, the variety will be accepted into the Standard of Perfection and become a recognized variety of the Call Duck breed.

Ailments and Treatments of Waterfowl by Lou Horton A background on the common ailments that can trouble waterfowl flocks.

Feeding Waterfowl, By Lou Horton Proper nutrition is the key to success with waterfowl - here is what you need to know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Started in Waterfowl By Lou Horton

FAQ about Poultry Shows by Lou Horton

Hatching Waterfowl, By Lou Horton Tips on succcesfully hatching waterfowl eggs.

Natural Incubation by Lou Horton Tips to help you help your waterwowl become succesful parents.

Waterfowl World, By Lou Horton Some thoughts and insights on raising waterfowl

What Every 4H Youngster Should Know About Getting Started in Waterfowl, By Lou Horton

Great articles at The American Brown Leghorn Club -
A Coop Associate Site

Background On The Brown Leghorn

Great articles at The American Dutch Batam Society -
A Coop Associate Site

breeding The Cream Light Brown Dutch by Jean Robocker

Understanding Splash Dutch By Jean Robocker

A New Word To Learn In Dutch Bantams By Jean Robocker

Dutch Bantam Type by Rosalinde Wood

A Dutch Club Is Founded In North America by Roy Schell
History of the American Dutch Bantam Society

Understanding The Blue Light Brown Dutch Color by Jean Robocker

Understanding The Cream Light Brown Dutch Bantamby Jean Robocker

Understanding The Light Brown Dutch Bantamby Jean Robocker

Why I Chose Dutch Bantam Chickensby Aaron Esterly

Great articles at The Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club of America -
A Coop Associate Site

Birth of an American Legend The origins of the Plymouth Rock breed.

Great articles at Red Square -
A Coop Associate Site

Breeding Rhode Island Reds For Color - A Beginners Guide by Robert Blosl.
This article focuses on understanding and breeding Rhode Island Reds for standard color with a focus on the needs of the beginner.

Breeding Rhode Island Reds For Color - A Beginners Guide - Part 2 by Robert Blosl.
A follow up with more information on breeding Rhode Island Reds for standard color.

Judging Rhode Island Reds by W.F. Fetterly
This is a reprint of the article written for the July 1959 The Rhode Island Red Chronicle. It explains key points for judging Reds (good for judges and breeders alike) and briefly explains the old point card system of judging.

Measurements for our Rhode Island Reds by Tim Jurgens
A look at one respected breeders study of measurements in the perfect Rhode Island Red.

Rhode Island Reds by Maurice Wallace
Characteristics of the breed by a historical breeder.

Secrets of Rhode Island Red Breeding by Robert Blosl.
This article focuses on many of the tips and secrets Mr. Blosl has learned over several decades of raising Reds. Much of this information was passed on to him from the legendary breeders of yesterday.

What About Type? by Tim Jurgens
A detailed look at type in the Rhode Island Red.

Great articles at The Scotts Dumpie Page -
A Coop Associate Site

The Scotts Dumpie

Great articles at The Wyandotte Bantam Club of America -
A Coop Associate Site

A Few Thoughts On Culling By Ronald D. Simpson

Why Wyandottes? The virtues of the Wyandotte breed.


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