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Welcome to the Farmers Market @ The Coop

The purpose of this feature is to allow poultry enthusiasts and the related industry to tap the power of the Internet on a reasonable budget. For many of us, Poultry is a hobby or a second business. As such we don't have huge budgets to throw around for marketing and promotion. Since we know this from experience, we at L. Hadley& Associates Internet development, marketing and management services and The Coop have created a package we know will meet your needs.

A web site will give you room to share your message with color photographs and the strength of direct response through e-mail. A site associated with The Coop will allow you to tap into the thousands of poultry enthusiasts that visit the site each month (over 52,000 in January 2000.) You can get all this for a few dollars a month. Compare your investment and ability to reach potential customers here with any other option available and We are certain you will find this an unmatched value.

Contact us and start your site today! info@lhadley.com or (503) 691-1069

Basic Site:$99.99
You get a basic site with three of your photos or two photographs and a logo, contact information and up to 300 words of your text. You will also get a
the-coop.org e-mail alias that will forward to your regular e-mail address. Your $99.99 development fee also includes a years hosting on The-Coop.org, a $60.00 value). That's it! For under $100 you can have your own basic up and running for a year. Plus you will tap into the thousands of visitors to The Coop each month.(Note: Sites will be built on a basic template chosen by the developer for your information - custom development to your specifications is available at $75.00 per hour)

Additional Photographs: $15.00 each (up to 4 )

Show Special: $59.99
Now you can promote your show year round for only $5.00 per month. Link into the Show Schedule, the E-mail Directory and the Events Calendar (coming soon.) This package is the same as the basic package but we are offering a 40% discount from our already low price as a show of our support for the shows and the many dedicated individuals that donate their time and energy to make the shows happen. (Note: additional services are available at the rates listed here)

Add a Mailing List: $50.00 One time setup fee
Have your own mailing list. Friends and customers can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves to your list and you can e-mail them all with the click of a button. Keep people up to date, announce specials or provide your own e-mail newsletter. The only limit is your imagination. (Note: list uses listbot standard. You may invite readers to join but cannot sign them up yourself. There are some limitation on volume and frequency of mailings. Mailings of a harassing, hateful, obscene or illegal nature are forbidden and may result in termination of agreement.)

Additional Page: $75.00
We will add an additional page to your site for $75.00. It can include up to 1000 words of your text and three photographs or your logo and two photographs. Additional pictures are available at the rate listed above.

Annual Hosting Renewal: $60.00/per year
Your first years hosting is included in your development package. Each year on your sites anniversary month you will be billed for $60.00 (equivalent of $5.00/month) for the coming years hosting. This fee covers one or more pages from the same site hosted at The Farmers Market @ The-Coop.

Updates: From $25.00
Most sites will need to be updated from time to time. We will update your basic site for $25.00 flat fee (per time you request an update) for basic items such as changing dates, prices or swapping text. Changing pictures is $15.00 per picture and more extensive updates will run $50.00/hour.

Contact us and start your site today! info@lhadley.com or (503) 691-1069

Looking For Something More?

We can provide a range of services from the very basic to the development of extensive corporate site.

E-commerce: Call (503) 691-1069 or e-mail info@lhadley.com for a quote.
We have researched a number of solutions and selected options we have found reliable and reasonable for small businesses. Some may be attached to your basic page for a nominal fee while other solutions may require a slightly more complex site. Let us know about your business and we'll give you a free initial consultation.

Domain Registration:
Want your own .com name? We handle the process as a free service to our clients that need a domain and hosting. You are responsible for Network Solutions $70.00 registration fee which secures your name for 24 months

Domain Hosting:.
If you decide to have your own domain (mycompany.com) name, you must have a server to host your site. We offer several excellent programs through a major hosting company. a basic business grade domain server with 100 Mb storage, 5 Gb transfer, unlimited e-mail addresses, full Webtrends analysis feature and many more great features on a fast Unix server for as low as $17.95 per month. We are confident you will have a hard time finding a more reliable, powerful and cost effective solution.

Site Development:.
We can put together a team to handle your site development needs from the basic to advanced. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Site Renovation:
Looking for make a few update to your site or think a complete remodel may be in order? We are happy to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Site Marketing:
Looking for a way to reach your target audience? We will work with you and your budget to find ways to identify and reach your audience, promote your site and assess the traffic and usage of your site. We also do coding for search placement and offer site registration with the major search engines as well as monitoring of search term position on those engines. Contact us and we are happy to discuss your needs.

Site Management:
We provide different levels of marketing, updating and development services for your site on an ongoing basis. Our professionals will be watching over your site, offering insights and expertise to help you get the most out of it, then making it happen. We can provide this on a hourly basis as needed or in a variety of monthly packages. Contact us for more details.

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