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The Coop's Privacy Policy

As Internet professionals and heavy Internet users we believe strongly in on-line privacy issues.

The Coop does not collect personal information about readers with the exception of occasional voluntary registration for information or services. Information collected in these voluntary situations will be used solely for the purpose stated at the time of the request. No personal information collected through the domain the-coop.org will be sold, loaned or willfully given to any organization or individual outside of The Coop and L. Hadley & Associates unless the request clearly states otherwise.

There are a number of organizations, companies and individuals that partcipate with The Coop in creating The Coop community. These organizations and individuals are encouraged to adopt a proactive approach to on-line information privacy. The domain the-coop.org will not provide services capturing personal data to sites hosted on the domain. As a user you are encouraged to exercise judgement in the information you release, but you can be assured that sites located on the-coop.org will not capture information without your permission

The Coop does collect general usage statistics. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of the site, and the popularity of particular features. This information helps us to continue the evolution of The Coop to more effectively serve the needs of the poultry community. This information does not include personal identification of any user.

The Coop provides e-mail addresses (i.e. yourname@the-coop.org) to some individuals and organizations. One stipulation of our agreement with these individuals or organizations is that the practice of "spamming" is grounds for termintion of their account. If you receive mail you believe is "spam" from an e-mail address at the-coop.org, please notify us so that we may investigate.

If you have any questions about The Coop's Privacy Policy, please contact us at info@the-coop.org.


Our Privacy Policy

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