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The past few years have seen many resources on raising chickens appear on the Internet. At The Coop, we've have pulled together a number of what we feel are the best of those resources.

Some are part of The Coop, such as our On-line Book Store, the Worldwide Directory of Poultry People on the Internet and The Classroom at the Coop (A discussion forum and message board) and The Library (a series of original articles on raising and breeding chickens ane other poultry species).

Other resources include Coop Assocaites Sites. A series of high quality poultry oriented sites produced by chicken breed clubs and fanciers in conjunction with The Coop. These will provide more detail on particular breeds such Call Ducks, Rhode Island Reds, Dutch Bantams, Scotts Dumpies and Plymouth Rocks.

The Links List provides access to a catagorized index of many of the best sites on poultry topics and raising chickens that are currently on-line. The links in the left hand margin of this page will take you to specific topics on the Links List.

poultry breeders, farms, suppliers and manufacturers pages on The Coop An e-mail direcory of Poultry People around the world. Links to other poultry sites. access to agriculture books, from the standards to special, rare and out of print. Info on poultry shows and a list of upcoming events Original poultry articles and reprints for beginners to experts. A message board that allows readers to help readers. A directory of resources for poultry people. The Coop's home, index page


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